Grownupism! 1 Day, When I Grow Up!

Grownupism! 1 Day, When I Grow Up! So, as usual, I wuz sittin’ an’ stinkin’ ‘bout skool, the dragon teacher, alla the homewerk we kidz gotta do an’ alla the time we have to spend doin’ it, an’ I started hopin’, since it wuz a windy day, maybe I culd jes fly away somewhere, at least for a little while? I wuz also stinkin’ ‘bout a story my granma told me ‘bout some stuff my papa went through. Us kidz hatta write a story ‘bout Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. an’ the dragon teacher wanted us to make up a story like what Dr. King had to go through, way back in time. That’s why I wuz thinkin’of askin’ my granma for homewerk help while at the same time, wishin’ I culd fly away! Excape is wut I needed! I told my granma ‘bout this yukky homewerk stuff I had to do an’ she said: “Son, sit down and I’ll tell you a story, about something that happened to your father. On a sunny day, he was walking down the street very fast, which he did every day for several miles for his exercise routine. Suddenly, a man was beside him, also walking very fast and seemed to be following him and speaking a language your father did not understand!? The man was agitated and seemed to be after your father for some reason? Your father walked faster and tried to avoid the man, but he kept following him. He thought the follower might be trying to rob him, although it was day time and many people were on the streets of the city. Meanwhile, the man repeatedly used his mobile phone to call some place or someone? Trying to escape this fellow, your father went into a bank and several stores. He even thought about hitting him to stop the hostile accompaniment! But, there was no escape. As the streets passed during their aggressive walk, the man kept calling on his mobile phone and eventually a police car loomed ahead, summoned by the stranger. The police car pulled over, ordered your father to face a wire fence and demanded to see his identity papers. Fortunately, he always took his passport with him, which was kept up to date. To check on your father’s passport, the police called somewhere, and as it should have been, shortly after the call, he was released. Subsequently, your father told the police to check the follower’s papers, since they had ignored him for questioning. The police then asked the follower for his papers, but he didn’t have any, having accused your father of stealing them and his money! All of which proved untrue, as your father was on a training walk and had little money with him, thank heavens! Finally, the police released your father, told the follower to enter the police car and they drove away. This was an encounter your father never forgot as the police offered selective search and investigation, but only with one person. Irritated, your father continued his training walk, without the follower and the exercise helped him recover from this one sided incident!” Wow! I hurried upstairs to write this story before I forgot it an’ I knew this wuz gonna make the dragon teacher reel happy an’ I wuz for sure gonna get a reel guud grade! Boy oh boy, granma always saves me when I am in any kinda trubble! Specially skool trubble! This story reminds me of Dr. King an’ his friends an’ how they were many times bein’ bothered by sumbody or other, for all kinda reasons. So, I’m gonna be reely ready for class tomorrow an’ maybe the dragon teacher will give me sum kinda break from so much homewerk? Any kinda break wuld be super kool! So I’m gonna say G’nite I luv you G’nite Prof. Donald Muldrow Griffith Fountainhead® Tanz Théâtre Copyright, January 2015