In 1989, while on a walk with my daughter I became aware of a poster:


BLACK HISTORY MONTH, which had several productions on display.

These events – seminars, film presentations and in addition, parties – were produced and directed by the Initiative Schwarze Deutsche, ISD Berlin e.V. (Initiative of Black Germans Berlin e.V.).

I was familiar with the term Black History Month, because some African Americans, musicians and members of the Berlin stationed American Armed Forces, belonged to my circle of friends and people I knew. Being in contact with these people, was very important to me, since my father had served as a soldier in post-war Germany.

I was born in Munich in 1953. Many years later, my German mother told me that my father had offered to marry her and take us with him to the U.S.A. But because she had been afraid of possible “race problems” she separated from him. Together they brought me to my grandparents in the deepest province of Bavaria