Linguistic discrimination by a linguisticist in a university

When I became a master student in literature at a prestigious brazilian university, I tried to take part in a project that consists in coaching teachers. The university was in need of many graduated people for this project and I could work about literature, portuguese language or writing. At the interview, only two people in the room, me and the project’s director, she started reading my resume and asking me questions. Suddenly, she read about my experience in teaching the language Esperanto, and started bullying me and saying that Esperanto is not a serious thing. After some weeks she anounced the students selected to the project, and my name was not there, in spite of my good grades and the fact I am well-known between literature professors at that university. She preferred to hire people from outside the university or giving me the chance. Actually I’m studying interlinguistics in a polish university and Esperanto is the only language spoken in the classroom.